My day so far.

Up at 6am to have my porridge and coffee prior to a swim session at 7am, had a pretty decent swim which got the endorphins buzzing! After the swim I went along to the local bakers (Wooleys of Arran, famous for its oatcakes) for my usual “Chelsea Buns” to have with my coffee later in the morning. On the drive home, the sun was shining, the tunes on CapitalFM and Radio1 were phenomenal, and it just really set me right for the day ahead.

What’s in store? Well, more optimisation and enhancements to this blog, websites are never really truley “finished” in my opinion, there’s always room for improvement. If not in the blog itself, then in the way I manage it. Yesterday I stumbled upon a great website which details a lot of do’s and don’ts on internet publishing, aimed at those like me, who want to earn a decent sum from the internet which allows for greater freedom of life. Just imagine being able to work from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop and still being able to make a profit. that’s the keyword in this game PROFIT! without there’s not point if your in it to make money and your just losing out.

Also, for the 5th day in a row I made money either via Infolinks, Adsense and in a roundabout way, MAxiMuscle. Maximuscle is a sports nutrition manufacturer. I’m a great fan of their Maxi Milk which is great for a post work out protein shake, tastey, thick, and satisfying and it works! The only drawback is its expensive. Usually its £19.99 for a pack of 8 330ml bottles, but today they are doing a “Deal of the Day” where you can get 4 pack for £40, combine that with my recent referral bonus for Maximuscle I got £80 worth of product for £20, which is much more economical isnt it? Smile Now its time for those Chelsea Buns and a big Cup of Coffee!

ps. this is also my first time publishing a WordPress post from Windows Live Writer, it actually makes it feel more natural to write, so you can expect a lot more from me now.

Originally posted 2012-02-17 10:19:09.