Got a day off today so figured I that I’d breathe a new life into one of my old sites, it still gets traffic but with the counter strike community ever dwindling its time for a wee shake up and the site needs to diversify. So i’m going to automate it into a kind of gaming news site.

The first thing i need to do is convert my old html and css template into a shiney new wordpress theme. This is something i’ve never done before so I’ll add in a few links here to wordpress conversion tutorials. The BwAv site was made with a main template then different include files which changed depending on what link was clicked so there will be only be one page to convert.

After the the html to wordpress conversion has been done I will need to integrate WP and SMF user database for seamless integration between the front pages and the forum pages, this hopefully will allow for more interaction, especially with the addition of facebook connect ;). I’ll give it a month to see the outcome SEO and income wise, and after that the domain will expire. But then again it is a 4 letter domain, not many of them around any more so i might just hang on to that!

Originally posted 2011-05-26 15:54:46.