Back on arran the other day, the birds were stripping the holly bushes of the berries, the next morning there was hardly a bird to be seen! Back up in glasgow now, and yesterday there was a lovelly red sky in the morning, shepherds warning. Later on that afternoon we saw a lasrge flock of birds flying south! This to mee says that there is a change on the way in the weather. Already tonight the temperature has dropped to -3C which should lead to a very hard frost by morning time. Only time will tell whats instore weather wise, but there is also a farmers tale that says that if eastern america or canada get heavy snowfall, then the uk gets the same a couple of weeks later, since they have had some of the heaviest snow for 30 years perhaps the UK is in for a pasting come the new year!

Originally posted 2008-12-29 21:30:44.