Been a while since my last update and quite a lot has happened!
The biggest thing to happen is that I moved house so that my cost of living is less, and being in the countryside means that I am out and about more a leading an all together healthier life style 🙂
On the career front nothing is happening, job application after job application is getting turned down. But, I can only keep trying, something will come my way soon! The last interview I had was with Emirates, but unfortunately I was rejected and told to try again after 12 month.
So after that it was back to the drawiung board. What I’m really after is an airline industry related job in sweden, I’d love the challenge of living in another country and sweden seems to tick most of my boxes! The only thing I need to do is land a job, easier said than done…

Originally posted 2010-06-02 09:51:06.