Well one week ago today, I was in London at the Cathay Pacfic Offices going though the tests and the interview for selection towards the Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot scheme. On Monday, a couple of people had heard good news from CX and and are jetting off to Hong Kong(HKG)  next week for round two. As the days went on, hope began to fade until the email popped into my Inbox…the dreaded “we regret to advise that you are not successful on this occasion” email.

This of course isn’t the end, I can reapply in a years time, and over the months try and better myself in the areas which I don’t think I did as well as I could have. There are many other routes to becoming an Airline Pilot, this was just one of them. Its only my second attempt at getting onto a cadet pilot course, the previous one being with Etihad.

For now its back to the drawing board, reflecting on areas which I can improve on. From there I will work on a plan to better myself and hopefully learn enough to help me through the selection process. HR Interviews have never been a strong point of mine!

Originally posted 2009-09-10 15:24:05.