Canon Powershot a75 3.2Megapixel 3x Optical zoom

  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera
  • 3xOptical Zoom
  • 13 shooting modes
  • 9-point AiAF
  • 2min 30second movie clips with sound

A Solid wee camera. Has enough features to keep the amateur photography busy with and takes good quality photos, even zoomed in thanks to the optical zoom. The build quality is excellent and the buttons and LCD are easy to use and you know whether you’ve pressed a button or not. The best way to show how good a camera is, is to show you the photos. I shall link to a couple of full size photos which havent been resized by any software.

[nms: canon powershot camera,4,1]

Originally posted 2008-04-20 18:20:41.