It took a month, but Etihad replied to my application for their Cadet Pilot Sponsorship scheme. Its easy to understand why it took them so long, this is by far the best offer of sponsorship for cadet pilots out there at the moment so there are literally thousands of applicants for those 12 highly valued spaces!

Applicant are invited to send an email to Etihad stating which location they would like to attend for the selection tests. You can choose from London, Frankfurt, Johanesburg, New York, Sydney and of course Abu Dhabi, which is where Etihad is based.

So its fingers crossed, head back into my books for revision, and I wish every applicant the best of luck. Its important to remember that its not just your grades that make you a good pilot, a lot is about the kind of person you are.

ps. For those of you who already hold PPLs or CPLs, hands off! This is a sponsorship for ab-initio pilot onlys!

Originally posted 2008-10-29 19:58:58.