Knowing how hard it is to trawl through the net looking for every single airline which offers cadet programmes i decided to make a wee list here to share with everyone.

These are just a few courses in which the airlines have a lot of input into the courses and some pre-select student for employment as long as they meet all the standards that they require. The days of full sponosrship are gone. These schemes you still have to find a way to finance yourself, although getting onto one of these courses means that certain banks will give you a loan to cover the majority of the course fees as long as your can secure it. That’s where i’m struggling. I don’t own a house, nor do I have hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank! Which is why I have made a few websites to try earn some money ontop of my regular job. I shall keep adding to this list when I find more, and feel free to suggest new ones by leaving a comment.

Originally posted 2008-03-21 20:12:32.