Finally, they have arrived, the Creative Fatal1ty Headset. Ordered from it only took 4 days to arrive, not bad considering the hoo haa with the postal strikes in the UK. Packaging was solid, no fear of getting damaged during transit, box is easy to get into without too much hassle. In the box you will find the headset, detachable microphone, and a carry bag to put it all in, a nice wee addition I didn’t know about!


Now onto the important stuff, if you buy this headset your probably a gamer, so you’ll want to know how well it does in game. The game of choice for me is Counter Strike 1.6. After I spawned in my first game using the headset I was amazed by the directional sound (positional audio)! I could tell what angle people were at if they were running beside me and if they were close or far away. My Old headset which I thought was good, was only able to produce decent enough distinction between sounds which were left or right, and forward or back, this creative fatal1ty headset does way more. Your basically able to pinpoint people in a full 360 degrees of sound. Which is handy when someone is sneaking up behind you, they won’t try that again in much of a hurry, not in that round anyway 😉 You can always hear people from much further away without turning the volume up much and you are able to track people running behind walls, try and explain that to people when you get accused of cheating!

fatal1ty gaming headset

Thanks to the detachable microphone you can use the headset as a normal pair of earphones which are well above average when it comes to musical playback.

Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and feel I made the right choice. There are more expensive Headsets on the market with USB functionality, but they are maybe meant for people who are way more serious about gaming.


Thanks for taking the time to read, and happy listening!

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Originally posted 2009-11-08 16:30:28.