Mobile Upgrade – Blackberry or HTC

Its coming up the end of my first ever phone contract, with Vodafone UK. I had a blackberry 8900 Curve for a 24 month contract. Via Vodafone’s internet site I’m now eligible for an early upgrade, or if I wait until 3rd November, I can get a normal upgrade, Basically by upgrading early you still have to pay some of your remaining contract as well as your new one or to pay for a new handset, doing it this way may work out more expensive, but it might not. There are a lot of mobile companies to choose from!

With the mobile contract upgrade, I can choose a new handset. I loved my Blackberry, but the apps are really not advancing as much as I thought(wished) they would. For example, as a web developer, theres not a lot of apps for remote site management and online advertising management. Things like a blackberry app for Adsense, to show your dashboard or impressions and earnings would have been nice. There has been some chat about them, but if they do exist they aren’t free, whereas over on Android, theres pages and pages to choose from!

At this point your probably thinking, why isn’t he considering Apple’s iphone? Well to be brutally honest, I’m just not a great fan of Apple’s products, including software and hardware, ipod, iphone, ibooks etc. So really that left me with a choice of the Blackberry torch or something from the HTC or Samsung mobile range. I don’t feel comfy with Samsung phones, I tried a couple out, they are nice enough but they don’t connect with the inner geek in me. Now the HTC range….wow, lots and lots to choose from, from your basic smartphone, to your HTC Evo3D (has a 3D screen and dual cameras able to take 3D photos) and in the HTC range there are even phones powered by dual core processors. Kind of scary how far technology has come in just ten years or so. The HTC Sensation with its 1.2Ghz Dual Core is easily 10 times faster than my original PC which weighed about 10kg!

Do you have to pay for internet data is your connected to wifi?
Well according the vodafone support forums, data over your home wifi is free, and not taken into account in your monthly usage.

Are the apps available on Android Market suitable for me?
Yes! Having had a browse around to see what apps for htc are on android, I’d say there’s way more choice than blackberry’s app world.

Will there be future advance in the software?
Android is opensource, so basically anyone can develop an app or addition to the OS for any part of the phone.

This post is getting long enough, so heres my final choice of future phone, the HTC Sensation. Hopefully vodafone give me a good deal on an upgrade.

PS. I will miss blackberry messenger (BBM) when I move to HTC, it’s been my favourite thing since switching from tmobile to vodafone uk.

Originally posted 2011-08-23 22:09:04.