New year, new start so why mot a new phone!? My old Sony Ericsson was ready to pack in with the charging contacts nearly worn through!
A couple of friends had suggested blackberries before, but I had always avoided contract phones, until now. I spent hours searching reviews and deals until I made a choice. I was going to get a Blackberry 8900 curve! The only drawback is it doesn’t have 3G, but that doesn’t matter since I spend a lot of time in non 3g areas! Choosing this meant monthly contracts were about £10 cheaper.

Next, I had to choose a contract. I was going to stay with tmobile, but it was too much hassle to keep my number on the same network! seemed to have good deals and they are owned by the carphone warehouse so aren’t going to rip you off. In the end I got a way better deal for the blackberry on vodafone. Most importantly I was able to transfer my number with zero hassle!

More to follow 🙂

Originally posted 2010-02-05 23:06:52.