Its hard to forecast snow, but sometimes nature can give us some clues as to whats around the corner.

For example the early, arrival of large flocks of Waxwings (in the 100s) and the Feildfairs (in the 1000s) can signify theonset of a colder winter, since they have come from Scandinavia where it is usually colder than it is in the UK. It’s not just a local way of thought about the arrival of the Waxwing to these parts, just have a look at the BBC’s post from 2003, when london endured the worst snow fall during that winter for 12 years. That year the winter was preceeded by an influx of these scandinavian birds which retreat to these parts to avoid the bitterly cold winters in the more notherly regions.

Also, earlier on in the autumn stags were starting the rut, which is also seen as a sign an early onset to winter.

With this in mind and my previous posts about the UK generally being cooler this year it adds weight to my predictions for a more snowy, cooler, and possibly more arctic winter than has been seen recently.

Originally posted 2008-11-14 23:55:02.