Its been far too long since my last post so I thought I should write a wee update. Been working a lot recently and not had much time, or much inspiration to keep the blog updated. By not updating the blog frequently my traffic firgures have sunk too, I dont like to see graphs with a downwards trend after being on an ever increasing trend for a very long time! Its time to do something about it.

Previous efforts to make the most of ebay partner network commision came to an end due to my code being unable to handle the huge amount of traffic it recieved one day, this lead to webhost quite rightly suspending my hosting account until I disabled all my EPN ‘Mini Sites’. They did this because this site is hosted on shared hosting, so my site was basically sucking up too much CPU power and other peoples sites suffered. That was a good few months ago, and if any of you actually know me, I’m always up for a challenge.

So here it is, this is my 3rd big push at being a web developer. My previous push was bigger than my first, so I hope this one is bigger and better than before. I still have the dream. The dream to make enough from my websites to be able tp pay my own way though flying school, and onto become a commercial airline pilot. With a £70,000 price tag, its not an easy feat, but it is one dream that I will achieve, maybe not as soon as I’d like it to happen, but it will happen.

Originally posted 2009-07-18 21:06:18.