Over the last two month, using ebaypartnernetwork, I have been able to make a fairly decent steady income, far more than what I have been earning from Adsense. So I got thinking, lets make more wee mini sites, and hopefully in a motnh or two, they will take off in the same way as my previous ones have. In fact, one day last week, I made more money from ebaypartnernetwork than I did in my full time job. Although it was only one day, it still happened, so I know I can do it, just need to keep up with the hard work, and keep my fingers crossed. Marketing has never been my strong point, so I try to concentrate on SEO so pull in my visitors.

Just before christmas my parent bought a new TV for their house, and they picked a rather lovelly flatscreen, high definition LCD TV, it even has a built in DVD player in the back.  The picture quality is amazing, and for a flatscreen tv, the sounds is also impressive.Usually on the smaller flatscreenTV the sound can be quite “tinny” however, this has a lovelly full,  round sound.

A popular christmas present this year was lego, my favourite lego style is the lego city stuff, but another popular version is lego starwars which seems to go down a storm with the kids. I’m not one to keep up with the latest fashion trends but i couldnt help notice how oakley tshirts and clothing has been replaced with G Star Clothing. Everyone on a night out seems to either have G Star Jeans or a G Star T Shir. Thats it for this edition of my minisites, no doubt i will have some more soon.

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