Well as you can see my flying fund isnt climbing very fast if at all! I have been trying different ways than the norm to earn extra money but it hasnt really taken off…yet!

Since I don’t have the vast amount of cash required i have been trawling the interweb for airlines who sponsor people with 0hrs flying time and take them right through to that Right Hand Seat. Out of 20 airlines i picked out my head 5 airlines have cadet schemes. The only downfall, for me anyway, is that they require you to be a full time resident in their country. The airlines I found are:

  • Singapore Airlines (must be a singapore resident)
  • Etihad
  • Qantas (Australian Passport or permanent residency required)
  • Virginblue.com.au (not 100% sure but think they do!)
  • Lufthansa (site was in German so I might be wrong)
  • Cathay ( must be permanent Hong Kong resident )

So there you go, i’ll add to this when I find more, hope it helps some people out.

Originally posted 2008-07-25 18:33:55.