Everyone knows that adverts should be placed above the fold for maximum click through rate…but where above the fold!? People tend to blank big bright flashy advert spaces and just concentrate on the content. I haven’t changed much in the site for a month or so, I ‘ve been letting it “settle” to see what gets clicks and where.

The conclusion, the side bar adverts will be changed to affiliate links, and the Adsense banners will be placed in the post, in a convenient location so that it doesnt upset the reader. nothing more than annoying than adverts getting in the way when your trying to read an article!

People often ask me what this site does… the answer? Well, it makes me money. I agree it doesn’t have a clear set purpose but it does provide information. Information and hopefully entertainment in the form of photos and things like that. Recently, the weather station has been added to this site. So it adds quite a scientific edge to the site as the data is all gathered on-site here, and uploaded to the interweb so that others can view climate details of Arran.

Hopefully will get around to changing the adsense position in the next few days to improve the CTR which at the moment is very very low! Reader ship is improving as the dreaded bounce rate is decreasing. So all in all, things are looking up for the future of fajja.co.uk.

Originally posted 2011-10-23 21:17:35.