I’m trying a slightly different approach than my previous attempts which turned out to be too “thin” for affiliate sites. This time I’m making use of Amazon’s Associates program, been with them a while noly made a few pounds but I’ve never really pushed it, maybe only 3 or 4 products over one christmas, I just didnt find it as easy to get the hang of listing items as I did with EPN and their RSS feeds (just a fyi, EbayPartnerNetwork have updated the RSS feeds). And I haven’t found a simple RSS script to handle whatever kind of product feed that amazon throws out.

Heres my first effort with the “Lite” version of the Assoiate-o-matic script, “DSLR Cameras” since I was looking at what camera I wanted next, I decided to go for a site based around DSLR, havent figured out how to avoid duplicate content punishment from google though, since the text on the site comes directly from amazon and will no doubt be replicated a million times over throughout the internet! The Lite version is free, I’ve decided to play around with this version first before deciding whether its a wise investment to splash out on the $99 per year subscription.

Total Associate-o-matic sites: 1 so far.


Originally posted 2011-06-07 16:27:16.