During tonight and tomorrow I’ll be giving this website a quick makeover. Basically a new WordPress 3 Theme, free of course! And a few plugin alterations to speed things along. I’m hoping to bring a smarter, more memorable experience to visitors of this site and drastically reduce the bounce rate.  Currently at around 80% i think.

Part  of the website makeover will be regarding how I update the site. I have to be more regular with my articles/posts and also get more backlinks to the site in order to drive up traffic. I will monetise this site using Adsense, Infolinks and possibly Amazon and Ebaypartnernetwork, although with EPN Ihave had $0 earnings for months now so I might just ditch it altogether. Thenagain EPN may be handy for another site. Never say Never they say, don’t they?

Hopefully these changes to the site, and the way I handle the site increase traffic, increase usage of my site and in return perhaps make some money from affiliate or advertising partners 😉

I love the feeling that inspiration gives!

Originally posted 2012-02-13 19:01:28.