Swimmers from all over the world are competing for their place in the London 2012 Olympic Games. In Australia, there is a lot of talent, so much so that Ian Thorpe could not make it into the final of the 100m Freestyle. From this, the name James Magnussen has popped up as one to watch, he will be racing for Gold Medal for sure! He went out like a rocket and held on to finish in 47.10s thats fast! not to far away from the world record, which I think was set in a full body suit. that just shows you the progress that htese guys make from year to year. the Peak of Human Performance! Heres the video:

If only I could swim like that! Need to work on my strength first! I bulked up a fair bit last year using Maximuscle’s products, but gave it a rest over winter, might have to try some more, especially my arms which is where the catch comes from.

Originally posted 2012-03-19 17:10:05.