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Currently my network is in varying states of completion after a complete server meltdown earlier this year.

Hoping to get back on the money soon!


Web Entrepeneur, Fajja Web Dev

SUP Arran

Exploring the sea around Arran has always been a passion of mine. Since returning from Bondi where I learned the art of board paddling, I have introduce Stand Up Paddling and Prone Board Paddling to Arran!

After spending a few years living in Glasgow with all the light pollution, I forgot how astonishing the night sky was.

When I mived back to the Island i started to take photos of the night sky, and one night I captured the Aurora Borealis, aka the northern lights, and from that moment I was hooked and became an avid Aurora hunter on Arran. Over the last few years I have captured dozens of displays. I love natural phenomenon

This venture is kind of on hold until such time as I have the time and the dosh to get CAA “permission to fly” which enables me to do commercial aerial work (photos & videos)

My Aurora hunting photos have generated so much interest and questions from the public that I am giving them their own dedicated Arran Aurora hunting website!

I will eventually have a diary of all the aurora I have spotted over the last few years, and also will try to include a mailing list for notifications about possible sightings.

I’ve played in Arran Brass for over 20 years now… crikey!

Brass banding is often looking upon as something geeky, but it has got me places I’d not have seen by myself and also met a lot of new friends over the years and enjoying many a summer at Band Camp!

Certainly my top visited site over recent years. Due to the server crash earlier this year a lot of my customisations were lost, so I’m slowly adding bits one at a time to get it back to its glorious self!

The Boxing day storm of 1998, which saw winds in excess of 100mph here, really got me intruiged by the weather. It’s another hobby of mine which I build into a website to try and generate some income for myself as well as being useful for others.

Bringing you the best Hardstyle musics videos

The blog of a young girl farmer and her sheep dog on the Isle of Arran

Salted Desserts recipies.

Under Construction

A fun wee site showing what I get up to on my 1967 David Brown 770.

I doubt very much if there’s anyone that needs their fields topped on Arran who doesn’t own a topper themselves!

Who doesn’t love snow?

Snow fall photos and videos from around the globe

Snow clearing and winter survival equipment sales through Amazon

A geographical directory with all the clubs / activities / events which are held on Arran that involve an element of sport or fitness

Another network of mine, this time it gives people a chance to have a website / blog without the hassle and cost of the hosting. I’ll take care of that, and make money by having adverts on the main page.

Ideal for network marketing!

Used to be a fairly active forum, until spam bots absolutely blasted it!

Still undecided what to do with this one…

The greatest CS1.6 clan ever to have graced the UK scene. Some of us still play from time to time.

I’ll probably just set up a “hall of fame” kind of site with some vid clips from the games. Counter Strike is still the best game, CS:GO isn’t even close!