Probably some of the most famous ski areas in America are Aspen and Lake Tahoe. They cater for a variety of different skiing abilities and each have a selection of Black, Blue and Red ski runs.

Aspen, located in Colorado is part of the Four Mountains Skiing Area. Definetly one of the larger resorts boasting over 20 Black runs, over 20 Red Runs and more than twenty Blue runs. In total there are a couple of hundred pistes to choose from. The area is situated high in the mountains (over 7000ft) and is garuanteed snow during the winter months, and if theres not enough of the real stuff…then they are prepared with hundreds of snow canons to cover some pistes if need be.

Lake Tahoe is situated in the Californian mountains and has over 80 pistes, and is aimed at the more accomplished skiier with 250km worth downhill slopes and 100km of cross country trails. The high altitude of this resort pretty much assures enough snow for boarders and skiiers during the winter months.


Banff can be found in Alberta. Located at an Altitude over 7000ft, you can be sure to find plenty of snow during the ski season. Its more northerly geographic locations means snow is more plentiful and is geared for intermediate to expert skiiers.

Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is in British Columbia on the eastern side of Canada. Whistler itself experiences on average 11days each year where the temperature tops over 30 Celcius and in the winter tempertures drop to below minus 10 Celcius with even cooler temperatures up the mountains. Whistler Blackcomb is the host town for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Over 2,000,000 people visit this area each year for skiing and boarding and mountain biking in the summer.