Sony Nex-5. I’ve had my heart set on this sony camera for a long time, so I worked hard and saved hard. It certainly is worth it, for me a beginner when it comes to photography the nex is simple enough to start with, and if i want I can venture into all kinds of features, similar to what you’d find on a full sized digital SLR. The Following are the sony nex 5 accessories which I got from Amazon. If you click the titles, that’ll take you to my nex 5 accessory review page. Note that these aren’t the sony reccomended equipment, but they are items which I judge to the suitable. and i’m glad to tell you they all are!
Happy Snapping!

Nex5 Case Lowepro Apex 100AW Fits

Which Memory Card? Well Sandisk of course!

Tripod for steady long exposures using while using the DSLR-like features

Unofficial Nex 5 Battery

Hama UV 49mm Filter

Hoya 49mm ND Filter Photography

Lens Pen ( Lens Cleaner: NOT SENSOR CLEANER )