Next week I am heading down to Bournemouth to do my selection tests for Phase 2 of my CTC wings Cadet Application. These consist of PILAPT aptitude tests, some mental arithmetic, and a question and answer session.

airbus a380

I have booked my flights with Ryanair and my hotel. I shall keep this site updated with my progress.In May I shall be going back out to Jerez to do my aptitude tests and interview for the Flight Training Europe School.

Stay tuned for more!

Current Progress:

Phase 1 Status: PASSED
Phase 2 Status: PASSED
Phase 3 Status:Unsuccessful
Phase 4 Status:N/A

I have recieved my feedback and I have also been invited back in 12 months time to try again, since they felt I was close to getting in, and might benefit from another year’s experience.

So for this year, I am going to apply to GAPAN for a PPL scholarship, apply to Globespan for a Cabin Crew position, and go work in Australia for a few months to prove i can handle the hours / work pattern required of a pilot and that i have the ability to relocate to the other side of the globe!

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