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9 to 5 Alternatives?

Why anyone chooses to work 9 to 5 baffles me! My shifts at work this week have been a nightmare due to the fact they started at 9am. Knowing it was rush hour I allowed myself an extra 15 minutes to get to work. A 36 mile journey...

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Total Revamp!

i’ve been a busy boy over the last 48hrs! Given my main site a total revamp and overhaul. cleared out all the spam comments and tidied it up. I think you’ll agree it looks much better and is easier to navigate! Let...

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Been a while since my last update and quite a lot has happened! The biggest thing to happen is that I moved house so that my cost of living is less, and being in the countryside means that I am out and about more a leading an...

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Christmas on Ebay

The nights are drawing in fast now, there is a distinct chill in the air, the shops have their decorations up, and the adverts have their Christmas songs playing. It can only mean one thing, the festive season is here, very...

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EPN – Attempt #2

My previous attempt at using mini sites for EPN worked ok, but it could have been a whole load better. Basically I put up lots of sites with no special info on them, it was just ebay results, I did that thinking google would...

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Been a While!

Its been far too long since my last post so I thought I should write a wee update. Been working a lot recently and not had much time, or much inspiration to keep the blog updated. By not updating the blog frequently my traffic...

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