The Ash has cleared, and its Polling Day!

Well the west has blown westwards clearing the ash away across the Atlantic meaning that the airspace over Ireland and the UK could fully open again. This could keep happening for aslong as that volcano errupts, which could be months or even years! There is still talk...

Irish Airspace to Close due to Volcanic Ash again

Tomorrow morning parts of Irish airspace will be closed again due to a change in the wind direction which is bringing new plumes of ash south from Iceland towards Ireland. watch the news for more updates!

UK Airports Reopen after Icelandic Volcano Disruption

It has just been announced that UK airports will reopen tongiht at 10pm, Its now up to airlines what flights will fly, and one thing for sure is that it will take a long long time for things to return to normal! Read more @...

BA Flights diverted to Shannon

Just been watching the flight acitivity on . There were 4 BA aircraft in holding patterns over the Irish sea, West coast of Ireland and 1 between liverpool and london. These BA aircraft look to be heading to Shannon airport which must...

Did Hekla Erupt?

News reports of a new eruption on Iceland at the Hekla Volcano are FALSE, so don’t panic, theres no new eruptions at the moment. The owners of the webcam which usually points at Hekla had turned it around so it looked at the current eruption!