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So much Spam on WordPress

For this site I use the famous WordPress CMS, it really is brillaint, but because of its popularity spammers love it too. in the last week, I have had nearly 100,000 spam comments! I had to turn off comments, and clear the...

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Been too long!

Been far too long since my last post! A lot has happened too! coldest winter for over 100 years, theres was christmas and new year, and I even got myself a new fulltime job! Its great to be finally working proper hours again and...

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Snow has arrived!

Over the past couple of days and during the coming week, much of the UK will indeed see their first proper snowfall of winter 2010! Snow predictions are for accumulations of up to 10 inches in places! However, I think that will...

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9 to 5 Alternatives?

Why anyone chooses to work 9 to 5 baffles me! My shifts at work this week have been a nightmare due to the fact they started at 9am. Knowing it was rush hour I allowed myself an extra 15 minutes to get to work. A 36 mile journey...

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coldest night so far?

Its just after 11pm and the temperature is dropping well below 0 celcius! Its -2 at (prestwick airport) EGPK at the moment. Think I may need an ice pick to clear the ice that has already formed on my car… Originally posted...

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