Category: Swimming

Resting Heart Rate

I woke up this morning and thought my heart beat is acually quite slow. so I measured it at an average of 52 beats per minute! A quick search on the tinternet reveals a chart showing age in the coulmns and beats per minute in...

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Lamlash Splash 2007

Been a while since my last update so heres one 🙂 This year’s Lamlash Splash will take place from Holy isle to Lamlash Pier, on the Isle of Arran at 11am on the 29th September You can keep up to speed with this event at...

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First swim in the Sea 2007

This weekend saw me venture into the sea for the first tim ethis year. It was slightly chilly! 9 degrees celcius to be precise! I will keep this site updated with my swims in the sea and progress I am making. I hope to take part...

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Summer Swimming Challenge

I like challenges. This summer I have set my self a tough one! to try and get as close to the olympic qualification time for the 1500m freestyle (front crawl), currently I am about 5 minutes off the pace… so I definetly...

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