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So much Spam on WordPress

For this site I use the famous WordPress CMS, it really is brillaint, but because of its popularity spammers love it too. in the last week, I have had nearly 100,000 spam comments! I had to turn off comments, and clear the...

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New Look for

I have been researching the stats about my site, and found a bounce rate in the high 80%. This means that 80% of visitors leave the site after reading the page they are on. This is not good at all!! This made me look at my site...

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Branching out

Well I’ve taken a note of how Tyler Cruz goes about his sites. His blog especially. I have devised my own plan, covering a few new topics on the site which I find interesting, I hope at least some of you out there do too!...

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WordPress Updates

Just spent a few minutes this morning updating WordPress to the latest 3.5.1 version, no hiccups! The Auto update feature is nice and handy, especially when it works like a charm updating 23 plugins automatically at the same...

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