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Emirates Cabin Crew jobs

On the 7th of March I went along to the Emriates Cabin Crew Open Day, to try and become a member of their highly regarded cabin crew. The first day consisted of a few presentations given by the two recruiters. These covered the...

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Windows 7 Compatible Software

In addition to my earlier windows7 post, I will not expand on what software I have running on the system: Adobe AIR 1.1 Version 1.1 Adobe CS4 Service Manager Version 4, 0, 0 Adobe Device Central CS4 Version 2.0.0 Adobe Drive CS4...

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Virus Warning: Bebo mail

It has come to my attention over the past two days that there are hundreds of people unknowingly spreading viruses through the social networking site “bebo” . The mails are sent from a trojan(i think) using the...

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Online Virus Scan

If your think you have contracted a computer virus, but your antivirus scanner still shows clean scans, it is possible for you to be infected! Not all anti-virus scanners can detect every virus. But I have found a site which...

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