Abba Wintery Song

Heres the latest kind of christmassy tune 🙂 Have you seen the snow fall in the Alps? A town called Saas Fee has had over 1.5m of snow fall in just a couple of days!

Will it be a White Christmas in the UK this year?

With all the recent cold weather and snowfalls, people have been asking me whether I think it will be a White Christmas this year…to be honest, I’d say its our best chance for snow on christmas day that we’ve had for a while, so I’m going to...

Traditional Christmas Carols

Recenlty I have posted a few mor erecent christmas tunes, so I thought it was time to post a couple more traditional christmas carols. We have “when a child is born”, “O HolyNight” and “Silent night” sung by Il Divo. Just take a...

Saviours Day

Its been a couple of days since my last update since I have been   so busy at the moment! The weather is still looking very christmassy with heavy frost nearly every morning, I just hope it lasts until christmas 🙂

Boney M – Marys Boy Child (Video)

Heres the latest video for the festive season. its Marys Boy Child by Boney M. Their other hit was “by the rivers of babylon”, which i am sure you all know since its a classic!