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Winter Weather Predictions / Forecast 2009 – 2010

Winter Weather Predictions for 2010-2011 have been published, read them here! Its that time of the year again when the nights are really drawing in fast, and the leaves fade from brown and fall from the trees. Last year I made some weather predictions for winter 2008 – 2009, and it was pretty good! Some parts of the UK had their heaviest snowfall in years and here in Glasgow we had frequent snow falls and quite a long run of days where the frost never shifted, it was so thick after a few days it felt like snow! <br...

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Super Cooling

Water can be chilled to below 0 Celcius and it won’t freeze. It will only begin to freeze if the ice particles have something to attach onto to grow. This will only work if the water is clean and free from dust particles. Its quite amazing how rapily the ice forms once the chain reaction has been started. Originally posted 2009-10-13...

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A few hours of snow in Falun

It doesn’t take long for the snow to build up once it starts, then its time for the heavy machinery to come and clear the roads. [googleMap name=”Falun, Sweden” width=”600px” height=”300px” mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”]Falun, Sweden[/googleMap] Originally posted 2009-10-12...

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