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The Year Ahead

I’ve been a bit slow in posting this, but its kind of my new years targets for 2009! Basically I never really did much in 2008 so now its time for change. Below is a list of targets which I hope to achieve this year. Some are related to my websites, some related to swimming, and some related to my flying. Pass the first (and hopefully the later stages) of the Etihad Cadet Pilot Scheme. First round of tests are down in Windsor in February. If I can do that, thenit’s up to them if they want to select me. The first stage consists of 6 tests, spread of six hours, so its going to be a big healty meal the night before, good nights sleep, and a good filling breakfast to set me up for the tests.No one knows for sure whats in these Etihad tests, butI’m assuming (i know, should never assume!) that there will be lots of mental maths, english, general knowlege and some logic or spacial awareness tests. The last two months have been a record breaker in terms of earnings, its still no where near my £70,000 target, but its heading in hte right direction! So over the next few weeks, I hope to turn each of my “minisites” into proper good looking, usefull sites based around each of the topics which I have...

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Mini-Site Updates

Today I have created even more! Overtime i hope to develop these mini-sites into actual sites for each product, but at this stage I am just testing to see which ones to concentrate on. Seeing as its Burns season  here inScotland, I thoguht I’d make a wee traditional Scottish kilts site. If your heading to a wedding or even just a football game, a kilt is a sure fire way to get the attention of the ladies. While your eating your haggis neeps and tatties, you might want to think about getting somenew dinnerware and perhaps some shiney new cutlery to go with it? Another totally random one now. Dog Beds. Where does your dog sleep? Perhaps its chewed up its old one or made a mess of it and you need to replace it with a new dog bed? Originally posted 2009-01-22...

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First Snow to Settle in Glasgow 2009

After yesterday’s breif flurry of snow, today has seen a much greater snowfall, all in the space of 30 minutes, the grass is now white, and a nice covering on cars and pavements, the roads are becoming slughy now too. Hope this keeps up! Although I do have a 3am start tommorow! There will be a video clip to follow shortly. (when its been converted) Originally posted 2009-01-19...

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