Month: June 2017

Razer Diamondback Plasma LE

I’ve had this razer mouse for a long time now, coming up for 3 maybe even 4 years! Its never let me down. Loved it from the moment i plugged it in and the blue LED lit up. Its got a nice 7 foot long USB cable with a gold plated connector for better conductivity. This isnt use average optical mouse, its got a great sensitivity and high resolution, and the optical sensor doesn’t go into “sleep” mode saving vital milliseconds when u spot that enemy peeking around the corner! There is also no hideous bright red light when you pick it up since the light source undernearth is ultraviolet and invisible to the human eye. [nms:razer mouse,4,1] Originally posted 2008-04-20...

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Winter is not over yet!

Just finished watching the weather on BBC One, and sundays forecast had millions of white dots falling right across the UK. Of course this wouldnt be the first time theres been snow in April. Check out the 1908 Snow Storm This winter had seen snow sit on the peaks of the hills of Arran for a few months, its not often that happens, and there is a saying “If theres still snow on the hills…theres more to come” which could be very true of the forecast turns out to be true! Originally posted 2008-04-03...

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Cadet Pilot Schemes

Knowing how hard it is to trawl through the net looking for every single airline which offers cadet programmes i decided to make a wee list here to share with everyone. NETJETS CADET PILOT TRAINING PROGRAMME THOMAS COOK AIRLINE PILOT TRAINING SCHEME EXCEL AIRWAYS AIRLINE PILOT TRAINING SCHEME FLYBE ASSISTED PILOT TRAINING SCHEME Flybe cadetship and PTC Highland Airways Cadet Pilot Scheme REX PILOT CADET SCHEME These are just a few courses in which the airlines have a lot of input into the courses and some pre-select student for employment as long as they meet all the standards that they require. The days of full sponosrship are gone. These schemes you still have to find a way to finance yourself, although getting onto one of these courses means that certain banks will give you a loan to cover the majority of the course fees as long as your can secure it. That’s where i’m struggling. I don’t own a house, nor do I have hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank! Which is why I have made a few websites to try earn some money ontop of my regular job. I shall keep adding to this list when I find more, and feel free to suggest new ones by leaving a comment. Originally posted 2008-03-21...

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Bumpy Landing at LCY

bit of a bumpy landing during strong winds at London City Airport (LCY) The aircraft is a swissair BAE-146, I think! Sometimes strong crosswind can provide some challenging landings. This is an example of one of these bumpy landing, everyone is fine but the aircraft had some damage which was able to be fixed though 🙂 This is an old video, but for somereason the vid wasn’t showing so the page has been updated as requested by someone. Originally posted 2008-03-10...

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