Month: February 2013

Cheap Jeep Air & Oil Filter Replacement

Looking through the past service invoices for my recently bought Jeep Grand Cherokee I noticed that the air filter had not been changed for 5 years. I set about searching for// < ![CDATA[ document.write('’); // ]]> Jeep air filters on ebay . The good thing abut the 1996 Grand Cherokee is that there are a lot of parts readily available, and they are cheap! I found a replacement oil filter and air filter for under £16. Granted they are probably not the best of the best, but that’s not what I’m after. I bought this to replace my old peugeot that was starting to fail, so i bought this Jeep with a full years MOT. I got my oil filter (yet to fit) and air filter from ebay, but I also found out you can buy the same AIR OIL FILTER SERVICE KIT Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0i SUV Z [1991-1999] though amazon as well. So you can take your pick, make sure that whatever service stuff you buy for your Jeep that its the right shape, size, and that it will actually fit properly or your...

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Rear Wiper Motor Seized, then fixed!

When I bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996, the Limited 4.0 Straight six version, my rear wiper motor never worked. It’s not a problem during the drier weather, but when its raining and snowing and the roads have been gritted the rear liftgate glass gets dirty very quickly. I set about searching jeep forums for a solution and found out its quite a common problem. I followed the step by step guidelines from the forum here. There’s no point writing it all out when this guy has done it so well! I will however, put my photo’s up to show...

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Russian Meteor Fireball Videos

An incredibly terrifying sight! Usually you can see wee meteors burning up in the sky but only at night time. This was huge, this was incredibly bright, and the shock-wave from the explosion shattered windows in the Russian town where the fireball exploded overhead. Some of the chaos and confusion it...

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