Month: August 2012

Sea Sparkle

We couldn’t quite belive our eyes the other night when we were out photographing the stars from the beach. The sea appeared to Sparkle and glow, thought it was maybe reflection of the stars on thewaves but we had never seen aything like it before. Last night it was darker, and the blue sparkles were back, and bright! Quite amazing to watch, after some googling I think the cause of this Blue Sea Sparkle is “Noctiluca scintillans” Wiki introduces it as: Noctiluca scintillans, commonly known as the Sea Sparkle[1], and also published as Noctiluca miliaris, is a free-living non-parasitic...

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Moonlit Aurora

I was told it’s impossible to see the Northern Lights in the South of Scotland. I was told it’s impossible to see them during the summer. I was told it’s impossible to see them during a bright moonlit phase. Well it’s possible! Here’s just one of the hundreds of photos I took last night. I started off just looking for the Perseid Meteor shower, I saw quite a few ‘shooting stars’ and one really bright one, but haven’t worked out how to capture them. When I turned around to face North this is the first thing I...

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