Month: April 2012

Duracell Portable Phone USB Charger

This turned out to be quite a handy device to have this winter. During the numerous power cuts we had due to the 94mph winds I was able to keep my HTC Sensation XE phone charged long enough to last until i got to civilisation. The Portable charger actually charged my phone to 100% ( I turned the phone off while it was charging) doesn’t seem to take as long! So this portable charger basically doubles the phones battery life when your out and about away from mains power. It works by plugging the unit into the mains power to charge up, there are LEDs on the front that let you know when its full. You can remove the 3pin mains plug and just carry the battery unit when your away to save space, but just dont forget the usb charging cable for your phone. Just plug your phone into the unit and it will start charging. Quite handy if your on a long day out and have been using your phone a lot, for example when I travel i tend to listen to music all the time and use the phone’s features so that drains the internal battery a lot. But with this unit I can extend the useage time plenty to get me to where I am going without going flat. Just remember to charge the portable...

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What a film Bridesmaids is! Totally hilarious right from the very opening scene, when you see it I’m sure you’ll agree. Well worth getting to watch for a night on the couch for a good giggle with some munchies. can’t beat it! Theres a couple of actors who I wasn’t expecting to see! Matt Lucas from Little Britain and Chris O’Dowd from the IT...

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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for HTC Sensation XE

The software update has arrived, and I’m currently downloading the ICS (Android 4.0) onto my HTC Phone. At a whopping 282.88MB its not going to to be over quickly. Because I live in such a remote area the only option for me is to download it over my wi-fi which isn’t too bad, and it means I’m not using any of my Data Allowance from Vodafone UK. I’d Suggest starting the process with a fully charged battery (I have mine plugged in while downloading) Wouldn’t want the phone battery to run out of juice just at the end of the update!! 20-ish minutes later, the download is complete, the download is verified and now the final question asking me if I want to continue… lets do this! pressed “OK” and the phone shuts down and restarts to a splash screen showing the progress of the update… 50% so far and the wee green bar is still moving. A few minutes later and the progress bar is at 100% and its stopped to have a little think, I guess it’s deciding what to do next (I hope!). Oooooh! A quick restart and now the green update symbol is a cool aqua blue I’d call it, definite signs of activity, and now another progress bar, this one is jumping in big chunks and onlyl took 30seconds or so. Back to the...

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