Month: March 2012

100m Freestyle Australian Olympic Trials

Swimmers from all over the world are competing for their place in the London 2012 Olympic Games. In Australia, there is a lot of talent, so much so that Ian Thorpe could not make it into the final of the 100m Freestyle. From this, the name James Magnussen has popped up as one to watch, he will be racing for Gold Medal for sure! He went out like a rocket and held on to finish in 47.10s thats fast! not to far away from the world record, which I think was set in a full body suit. that just shows you the progress that htese guys make from year to year. the Peak of Human Performance! Heres the video: If only I could swim like that! Need to work on my strength first! I bulked up a fair bit last year using Maximuscle’s products, but gave it a rest over winter, might have to try some more, especially my arms which is where the catch comes...

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Geomagnetic Storm hits Earth!

After the suns double coronal mass ejection (CME) the other day the geomagnetic activity has rocketed. Currently its Kp Level is at 7.67 which is classed as “Storm Level”. This should be greating huge Aurora over the USA and Canada at this very moment. Sadly, Europe is facing the sun, so we can’t actually see any of this acitivity. Best time to view it is a night of course, and when there is no clouds. Current Kp: Under the right conditions – the aurora should be visible in the Scottish Borders, and as far south as London! Solar Flares...

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Aurora Spotting in Scotland

Time to look to the skies! Tonight and into tomorrow monring the Aurora Borealis may be visible throughout the whole of Scotland, assuming clear skies of course!   Wrap up warm, get away from areas of light pollution such as street lights and look north. if you have a camera, set it up on a tripod, cameras can absorb more light over a period of time, so if you cant see anything with the naked eye, you might be able to spot the northern lights with a longer exposure picture. Have and look Here and Here for space weather updates, Good...

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Terbinafine (Lamisil) Toenail Fungus Tablets

For years now I have had a couple of toes which became infected by a toenail fungus, where from I don’t know. I guess always having damp feet from swimming and working in a humid swimming pool environment hasn’t helped. It started with one toe so I used Curanail, seemed to work a bit or at least make it look better, this stuff you just painted the clear lacquer on once a week. Eventually it spread, to two, three and now I have eight dodgy toenails. I then tried ClearZAL, but i didn’t really have much affect on the nails and to be honest the best thing I’ve used over the years to make the nail look a bit better is Vicks Vaporub! I thought to myself, enough is enough and I went to see my GP about it before things started to get really bad. If left long enough toenail fungus can affect the root of the nails and infect the toes and feet. not nice! I had done my research on the internet and knew exactly what the GP was going to prescribe me; Terbinafine Tablets; also known as Lamisil Tablets. Terbinafine, taken orally, is an antifungal medication prescribed for the treatment of fungal nails, jock itch, and athlete’s foot. Here in Scotland, Terbinafine is free on prescription, so it’s a lot cheaper than the chemist’s remedies...

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Seasonal Summary Winter 2011 / 2012

Seasonal Summary – Winter 2011/12 (December 1st 2011- February 29th 2012) Weather Station: Sannox, Isle of Arran When you think of winter most people with think of ice and snow. Not this winter, this winter will be remembered for rain and severe wind. This is the first Seasonal Summary for the weather station so any comments or criticisms are welcomed. At the bottom there is a table containing the data from the summary. Rainfall It rained every single day from the 1st of December to the 12th of January with the wettest single day being the 3rd Jan with...

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