Month: February 2012

Continuing making money online inspiration

Some people have asked me just why I started doing this and who I got the idea from. Well I started just after I left the University of Glasgow with just a simple website with only a few pages, and I put some Google Adsense adverts on it. A short while later the cents were rolling in. At that time Google paid UK advertisers in US Dollars. It was at this point I thought, hang on, I have a day job, and I’m making money from the internet. Two income streams are better than one, even if you end...

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Submersible Waterproof and Leather Case for HTC Sensation

For a while now I have wanted to get a fully waterproof, submersible case for my phone. This is so that when I’m out and about swimming in the great outdoors, I can track my progress via GPS  with a sports app called Endomondo. One of the differences about training outdoors is, you have no idea just the exact distance or speed you are going whereas when you are swimming in the pool, you generally have a clock or a timing clock on the wall, and the pool is a set length, ie 20m, 25m (Short Course) or 50m...

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Whos on my Nuts today?

Been a while since I’ve attempted photographing the birds that visit our bird feeders here at the farm so thought I’d give it a shotwhile its dry. Also this time I tried some different settings on the camera to see whether they helped or not. This time round the ISO was perhaps a bit high, leading to some noise in the pictures and I also tried manual focus, which is great when the feeder is still, but of course as soon as a bird lands on it it moves, slightly in and out of focus! I managed to get...

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Cracking start to the day!

My day so far. Up at 6am to have my porridge and coffee prior to a swim session at 7am, had a pretty decent swim which got the endorphins buzzing! After the swim I went along to the local bakers (Wooleys of Arran, famous for its oatcakes) for my usual “Chelsea Buns” to have with my coffee later in the morning. On the drive home, the sun was shining, the tunes on CapitalFM and Radio1 were phenomenal, and it just really set me right for the day ahead. What’s in store? Well, more optimisation and enhancements to this blog,...

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