Month: August 2011

Blackberry or HTC

Mobile Upgrade – Blackberry or HTC Its coming up the end of my first ever phone contract, with Vodafone UK. I had a blackberry 8900 Curve for a 24 month contract. Via Vodafone’s internet site I’m now eligible for an early upgrade, or if I wait until 3rd November, I can get a normal upgrade, Basically by upgrading early you still have to pay some of your remaining contract as well as your new one or to pay for a new handset, doing it this way may work out more expensive, but it might not. There are a lot...

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Google +1

Just a quick post to say that I’ve added the Google Plus 1 button. Took a bit of jiggery pokery since the +1 button wouldnt render in Firefox for some reason, but here was my solution that I found amongst a host of sites, haven’t got the url at hand to link back to though 🙁 #___plusone_0 iframe { position:static !important; } Had to pop that code above into my .css file to make the google plus1 button show. Hope this helps! And If you liked this then +1 it...

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