Month: July 2011

Aurora Video

Without doubt, this timelapse footage of the Aurora is the best I have ever seen. Here it is: Filmed by Terje Sørgjerd, they video has become a huge hit on vimeo, with one of his other films accruing 22million views in the first couple of weeks! In the northern hemisphere the full name for the aurora is the aurora borealis, also knowns as the northern lights. The Aurora is caused by charged particles from the solar wind striking atoms in upper atmosphere and energy is released as...

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Making Money while I Sleep!

Its a great feeling isn’t it? For any web developer who has monetised their sites, seeing the figures keep rolling in is a great way to start the day. I got up on a fantastic sunny monday morning and after having my breakfast checked my emails and my accounts for google adsense, ebay partnet network and amazon associates (my new favourite 😉 ) Overnight I made about 50% of last months total. I am a rather happy guy! For 2 years things were on the decline and dropped to vitrually nothing, but now its on the up, but for...

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Adsense Revenue up by 320% in June

Don’t often do a review of my monthly earnings, but I really should as it gives a base for my next months target. Overall my earnings are way down on what they were two years ago, when my main income was from ebaypartnetnetwork ( EPN). Now EPN makes me nothing, very sad, and I just cant figure out why! Still sending valid clicks but no one bids. I used to have hundreds of clicks and bids a day which amounted to a tidy sum at the end of the month, but that is no longer the case. At the...

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Great London Swim 2011 – Result!

On the 2nd of July I took part in the British Gas Great London Swim. Part of the series of 1 mile open water swims around the UK. This was my second time doing this event and the main aim was to be fast than last year. So what was the end result? I was faster by 1 minute and 16 seconds over the mile long course, cant ask for much more, but I reckon I can still go faster. The fastest part of my race is always the end but there was that many people floating and getting...

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