Month: May 2011

2 Red Squirrels at my Nuts

Following my previous discovery of a red squirrel at our bird nuts, today he (or she) decided to bring a freind along to share the nuts. Couldn’t belive there was 2 squirrels so close to the front door mucnhing away quite happily, and even the birds weren’t put of, theres on right there munching them...

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Red Squirrel on my Nuts!

This morning was the first time we had ever seen a Red Squirrel at the bird nuts, which have been in the same place for years! There are a lot of the red squirrels in the trees nearby but they never venture this close to the front door. I’m wondering if the high winds earlier this week has blown some of their food away from the trees forcing them to look further afield? On the Isle of Arran there is only one type of Squirrel, and that is the Red Squirrel. Because we are separated from the mainland Grey...

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Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme

Got a day off today so figured I that I’d breathe a new life into one of my old sites, it still gets traffic but with the counter strike community ever dwindling its time for a wee shake up and the site needs to diversify. So i’m going to automate it into a kind of gaming news site. The first thing i need to do is convert my old html and css template into a shiney new wordpress theme. This is something i’ve never done before so I’ll add in a few links here to wordpress conversion tutorials. The...

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Predictions and Forecast for Summer 2011 UK

Summer weather predictions are very popular at this time of year when people begin to get out and about more soaking up the sun. People like to know what’s in store so they can plan holidays, activites and sports training to get the most out their summer. The Met Office has stopped issuing long range forecasts because it kept getting them wrong! There is one man who has been consistently accurate, Piers Corbyn from He knows his stuff, and has developed his own forecasting techniques which factor in the influences of the sun and the moon have on...

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Farmer / Panda Update by Google

Well, this is news to me, but apparently since late on in February Google have been rolling out their latest update which is code named “Panda” by some, and others have called it the “Farmer” update. Basically Google alters its algorithms every so often to weed out the cheap-n-nasty spam sites. Google does get it wrong though and there is talk of some sites with millions of monthly user’s dropping by 40% overnight, when your talking millions, that’s a huge drop when you consider the outlay that the people who run the site must have in order to keep...

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