Month: March 2011

New Facebook Virus Warning

Tonight I have been getting hundreds of messaged from friends on facebook asking me if i had seen this photo i had been tagged in and then they gave me the link to click, its obviously a dodgy link since its shortened twice, never a good thing. I haven’t clicked to find out exactly what happens but I’m guessing it will ask you to install something or grant access to your facebook. If you have clicked the link and got the virus first thing to do is download these two programs, one is an antivirus, in 32bit and 64bit...

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Super Moon causing Earthquakes?

Super Moons don’t happen often, but when they do, there is a lot of hype about them causing extreme weather or natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis. The timing of this supermoon, so soon after the biggest recorded earth quake to hit Japan has got people talking. Are the two natural phenomenon connected? If the moon was at it’s more normal distance away from Earth would the quake have been less strong, or would it even of happened at all? On 19th March 2011 the Super Moon will only be 221,567 miles away, the closest its been since...

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Productive Day

Spent most of today looking at some free affiliate mashup script’s coding. I was going to try a totally new one rather than the one I have used for over a year, but I have decided to take the good points from the new one, and integrate them into my old affiliate script to liven it up a bit! Details are still a bit sketchy but once its all finalised I shall reveal...

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