Month: February 2011

Great Swim London 2011

Yey!! Yesterday I entered the British Gas Great London Swim, which will take part in the Royal Victoria Docks. Its being helo on the 2nd of July and if its anything like last year it will be a fantastic day for every swimmer and spectators alike, its all about taking setting yourself a challenge and giving it ago. This year I’m aiming for low 20minute mark for the 1 mile course, hopefully with a few bumps into other swimmers! Visibility isnt great but it is clean. For more info on the event visit ps. Wetsuits are...

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SteelSeries 10th Anniversary Competition

To celebrate ten years of SteelSeries they have launched a huge competition and the prize of lots of goodies worth a few hundreds pounds quite easily. If your a gamer, you will have heard of them, and you probably even have some of their gear. Even if you do, getting free stuff is always god, and the competition is free to enter so no harm is trying your luck. You can enter this competition and win a whole loads of Steelseries goodies by clicking...

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Open Water Swimming, in February, in Scotland!

Yesterday was my second open water swim of 2011. I swam in the sea of the west coast of Scotland with a sea temperature of around 7 or 8 Celcius. Seeing as its been a couple of months since I have been regularly in the sea, I don’t want to stay in too long too avoid my body temperature dropping. When I was in a swim last week, my first swim of the year, some tourists came and asked if I could go back in the water so that they could take photos! Which I did of course haha. When I swim at this time of the year, I always… Have someone watching from the shore Wear two swim caps (retain heat and kep cold water out my ears) Swim Head up, avoids getting brain freeze! Don’t venture out my depth After swim I always have warm clothes and a dry towel at the ready oh and a nice big creamy hot chocolate! This a clip of me bobbing about yesterday, was in for about 10 minutes in total, and afterwards, I felt great! Open Water Swimming is...

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Where did my Traffic go?!

Duringthe last couple of weeks the number of visitors to this site has dropped by about 80% 🙁 Something must be wrong somewhere! Looking at everything, theres nothing obvious that jumps out. Percentage wise, my traffic sources and keywords look just the same as when I was getting lots of hits, but theres just not the same volume. The only thing I can think of is lack of new posts which has decreased my ranking in Google SERPs. Bummer eh?! This graphic is from Google Analytics dashboard and shows the percentage of how visitors end up on my site. As you can see the vast majority of my readers find my sites through Search Engine Results, So If I slip to page 2 for some of my keywords, I lose out on tens of thousands of visitors! That just wont do 🙁 Regular updates, whith nice healthy genuine unique content should help bring my site back to life in Google’s eyes so hopefully should see a reversal of this downward...

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So much Spam on WordPress

For this site I use the famous WordPress CMS, it really is brillaint, but because of its popularity spammers love it too. in the last week, I have had nearly 100,000 spam comments! I had to turn off comments, and clear the database from the MYSQL backend, since there were too many comments for the administration panel to cope with. The spammers basically have generic comments and then a link to thier own sites, (A very bad attempt at SEO). Because they can automate it, they can litterally spam the web with thousands of backlinks overnight… Hugely annoying for people like me who don’t want to spen their time sifting through comments to see whether they are spam or not, I have cary pluginsenabled on here but obviously, they aren’t working. So I have tried a couple of things that I read in this article, ‘5 way to stop WordPress Spam’ to try and stop them. Since I cleared the pending comments in the database I have had 9 comments in 20 minutes… But in the last 10 minutes, I haven’t recieved any since implementing idea 4 from the article. fingers crossed that is enough….for...

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