Month: November 2010

Coldest Night on its Way? – Confirmed!

Its just gone past 10pm and here, in the South West of Scotland temperatures have sunk to -8C! This isnt data from one weather station, but from two! The Weather Stations at Prestwick Airport and Glasgow Airport are both showing minus 8 Celsius which is astonishingly cold for any time of the year here! Not sure what the records are in relation to the coldest nights in November but surely can be far off it? Update: Well its official, for many in the UK that night was the coldest ever recorded! Temperatures in Wales fell as low as...

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British Gas Great Swim TV Coverage

Early on Sunday morning channel4 broadcast their TV coverage of the British Gas Great Long Swim event which took place on the 3rd of July 2010. Over 5000 swimmers took part and abilities ranged from complete beginners right through to Olympic and Ironman Swimmers. The field even comprised of of the fastest man to even swim across the English Channel, Petar Stoychev, who swam the Channel in 6hrs 57 mins. Its a Distance of 22.5 miles as the crow flies. The British Gas Great Swims are mostly just one mile. If you missed the show, you can watch each episode here from the Channel 4OD Website. Can you spot me? Enjoy! And maybe I shall see you there next year...

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Snow has arrived!

Over the past couple of days and during the coming week, much of the UK will indeed see their first proper snowfall of winter 2010! Snow predictions are for accumulations of up to 10 inches in places! However, I think that will be mainly in eastern or central parts, with the west coast seeing the lightest, if any snow! Maybe some places will see something like this following video which was filmed in Gavle, Sweden. 1998 saw their biggest snowfall for over 100 years! I doubt the UK will see anything like this in the next week but if it did happen, would you be prepared for winter? The BBC are reporting that this is the earliest widespread snowfall in the UK for 17 years with up to 15cm settling in...

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Etihad Cadet Pilot Program 2010

In September Etihad started accepting applications for the Etihad Cadet Pilot Program 2010. I don’t think the application page was up for very long, maybe only nine or ten days, but it was enough for me to get my cadet pilot application in. This will be my last shot at the Etihad program since they only recruit cadets younger than 26, which is what I am now! A couple of years ago, I was invited to attend the first stage of the selection tests, which in the UK were held in a very fancy hotel in Windsor, along with...

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Coldest Winter in 1000 Years is Coming!

The Coldest Winter for 1000 years is coming! Well at least to the north western parts of Russia according to their media. I have been doing some research to try and back up my winter snow prediction and I came across this: Russia is getting emergency plans under way to cope with what they are expecting to be “the worst winter in 1000 years”. Quite a scary concept, most people would consider a Russian Winter to be a cold one, but the fact the are planning for something worse than usual really is mind boggling, according to Russia Today, prolonged spells of temperatures below -25 Celsius are to be expected. Now that is cold, isn’t it? At that temperature, engines will break when they are started unless they are warmed first, water pipes will be frozen solid, the demand for energy will be so high to because everyone is trying to keep their houses from freezing! Prepare for Winter How do the Russians keep warm in winter anyway? Well the big difference between here and there is that they are prepared, with proper winter clothes and equipment. When its -25C its important to keep your body covered, especially your head, hands and feet. Keeping them warm is number one. The Russians are famed for their Russian fur hats with cosy ear flaps, also known as “Ushankas“ and their military...

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