Month: October 2010

Winter 2009-2010 review – What went on with the global climate?

Winter 2009-2010 review – What went on with the global climate? Did you have your // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ document.write('snow blowers‘); // ]]>snow blowers or // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ document.write('snow shovels‘); // ]]>snow shovels at the ready!? Winter is officially over here in the UK and British Summer Time is just around the corner. This past winter was rather exciting for weather and climate enthusiasts! I must state this first…(can you tell i wrote this a long time ago and forgot to publish it?!) What is Climate? “Climate encompasses the statistics of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, atmospheric particle count and numerous other meteorological elements in a given region over long periods of time” Basically, the Climate is more than just the weather over a couple of months. However, if the weather is cooler over a long period of time then that will alter the climate statistics. This winter in the UK, Europe and Russia was indeed record breaking in many areas. Russia’s winter statistics are still being compiled, but as stated in an article in the daily mail today, it looks like the Siberian winter will be a record breaker in terms of prolonged spells of temperatures below minus 25. Despite this, record warm temperatures were recorded in Greece and the Arctic was experiencing much milder weather than usual, this is due to...

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Aeronautical Engineering University Books

Here are my document.write(‘Aeronautical Engineering University Books‘);Aeronautical Engineering University Books Which I used to help me through the Aeronautical Engineering Course at the University of Glasgow! All are in good condition with no marks insdie the pages either. Happy bidding!! document.write(”...

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