Month: April 2010

BA Flights diverted to Shannon

Just been watching the flight acitivity on . There were 4 BA aircraft in holding patterns over the Irish sea, West coast of Ireland and 1 between liverpool and london. These BA aircraft look to be heading to Shannon airport which must have been kept open to allow these aircraft to land. BA274 from Las vegas, BA218 from Denver, BA284 from San Francisco and BA84 look like they are some of the diverted flights. But your better checking the actual airline sites for the best...

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Hot UK summer weather forecast prediction 2010?

This winter was pretty extraordinary in terms of snow and deep cold, but now what’s going to happen with the uk weather this summer? Will it be hot? Will it be wet? What are the met office saying? Well they are saying nothing now, concentrating on the more immediate forecasts rather than seasonal. Its time I made my predictions, there’s no real science behind it, I just look at nature, see what clues it provides and try draw a conclusion from that. Thanks to the, previous increased ice cover in the arctic and antarctic and the eruption of this volcano in iceland I predict that this summer will not be a record breaking hot summer 2010. There was a forecaster in the paper who said the same, one of his clues was the height at which the birds have nested in the trees, a lot lower than normal, which is supposed to mean that the summer is not going to be brilliant. Another old wives tale is: Ash before oak, in for a soak, oak before ash, in for a splash. Refereing to the times that the leaves bloom on the trees. (I’ll update this section when they do) Spring is pretty late this year, although the odd swallow has been spotted 4days earlier than normal in the north of arran. There are, however, forces which may make my...

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Did Hekla Erupt?

News reports of a new eruption on Iceland at the Hekla Volcano are FALSE, so don’t panic, theres no new eruptions at the moment. The owners of the webcam which usually points at Hekla had turned it around so it looked at the current...

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Will Katla Erupt soon?

Recent activity with Iceland’s volcano has lead to a lot more attention being pointed in the direction of Katla, a much bigger volcano which last erupted in 1918. All of a sudden…the tremors are starting to appear at Katla, could this be a sign of an impending eruption? Only time will really...

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