Month: December 2009

Snow forecast for Christmas Day in UK

Although its still a long way away in weather forecasting terms, the early indications are that it will be wintery with snow showers for at least some people in the UK. The days ahead look set to be chilly in the uk with snow showers for some! Winter is here! The past week or two has also seen record snow falls in the Midwest of the USA Looks like this winter is off to a flyer in terms of snow...

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Geminids Meteor Shower

Just been outside for the past 50minutes…watching the annual Geminids meteor shower. On a cold clear winters night with the crisp backdrop of the milkway…absolutely breath taking! Luckily enough I was on the Isle of Arran, well away from any light pollution. So my view was perfect, at the peak there was perhaps 2 or 3 a minute but mostly had to wait patiently to watch the chunk of rock slam into the atomosphere at a great rate of...

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Winter Season off to a Cold start!

Official Winter Time in the UK started at just after  midnight last night. Over night the temperature fell to -6C at Glasgow Airport, making it the coldest night since last winter. Pretty good start to winter for the cold weather lovers! TheWeatherOutlook has released it’s winter weather forecast for 2009/2010 and for the most part it has forecast a colder winter with above average precipitation. Hopefully that’ll fall as snow during the cool periods and not as rain during the milder...

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