Month: December 2008

Cold Snap on the way?

Back on arran the other day, the birds were stripping the holly bushes of the berries, the next morning there was hardly a bird to be seen! Back up in glasgow now, and yesterday there was a lovelly red sky in the morning, shepherds warning. Later on that afternoon we saw a lasrge flock of birds flying south! This to mee says that there is a change on the way in the weather. Already tonight the temperature has dropped to -3C which should lead to a very hard frost by morning time. Only time will tell whats instore weather wise, but there is also a farmers tale that says that if eastern america or canada get heavy snowfall, then the uk gets the same a couple of weeks later, since they have had some of the heaviest snow for 30 years perhaps the UK is in for a pasting come the new...

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Bench Press Page

A new line of pages I am making at the moment are to do with fitness. The first in the series was put online yesterday and it is to do with bench press basics. Hopefully I’ll be able to build up and have a good few pages on the most popular types of weight training. Thanks for...

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Will it be a White Christmas in the UK this year?

With all the recent cold weather and snowfalls, people have been asking me whether I think it will be a White Christmas this year…to be honest, I’d say its our best chance for snow on christmas day that we’ve had for a while, so I’m going to say it will be a white christmas in the uk, for some people at least. To go along with this prediction I’ll add the classic that is White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby. Continuing with the weather related topic, today is the first day in well over a week, that the frost has actually gone completly, thats thanks to the milder atlantic air pushing in from the west, last night at the front of this new air mass there was light snow fall at glasow airport, it soon stopped, and just this second it has now started raining, just in time for me heading to...

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Traditional Christmas Carols

Recenlty I have posted a few mor erecent christmas tunes, so I thought it was time to post a couple more traditional christmas carols. We have “when a child is born”, “O HolyNight” and “Silent night” sung by Il Divo. Just take a look at the complex frost formation this...

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