Month: November 2008

Arran Snow Fall Photos

Just a wee update on the weather just now, back on Arran its about -2 or -3 Celcius, clear starry skies and the snow on the ground is now frozen solid! There was no thaw during the day. Here in Glasgow, however there is no snow, but there is freezing fog again, and I dont think the temperature got much above -2 today here. Anyway, heres the photos, hope you enjoy...

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Winter Weather Predictions come true!

 Well Back on the Isle of Arran this morning they woke up to an ever increasing thick blanket of snow, and its not even December yet! Perhaps those Waxwings were right about the forthcoming winter? Its not quite December yet, and this is the third noteable Arctic Blast since the end of October.  In the video above the original showed the snow falling quite well, however youtube’s conversions has made it harder to see the flakes! Here in Glasgow, however, there was no snow, just a heavy layer of ice and frost which lay throughout the day. The Temperature outside has dropped to -1C and is being accompanied by some rather dense fog! Anyway I hope you enjoy these photos and the wee video of the snow...

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