Month: October 2008

Virus Warning: Bebo mail

It has come to my attention over the past two days that there are hundreds of people unknowingly spreading viruses through the social networking site “bebo” . The mails are sent from a trojan(i think) using the on-site mail service. If you should recieve one of these mails, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK in the message. If you have, you must run an anti virus checker, then change your bebo password as soon as possible to avoid spreading the virus further. The messages I’m talking about look like: Although you may get them with different wording and different links, but they are all in the same format, just delete the message! Run an anti-virus, if you dont have one try AVG; Change your bebo password once the viruses are gone; Install a firewall to avoid future...

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EPN mini-site launch – part ten.

Nearly reaching the end of my mini-site launches. I had though I had made more than I have, but I haven’t. You really have to love my grammer! My aim is to get them all published before the 1st of November so that I can produce a months solid stats so its easier to chart my progress….if any. Do you know the difference between a Flathead, Phillips, Torx, Hex, Robertson, Polydrive and Doube-Hex Screwdrivers? If you don’t then you may be in the need of a screwdriver set so you can pick and choose the best one for your situation. It could be that you need a few new shirts for the festive party season. Auction sites do have a very wide choice of shirts to choose from, you can also find new, never worn before shirts too. Skoda is a make of car not many people admire. Haven’t you seen their recent models? In particular the Skoda Vrs is an astounding car and its at a fraction of the price of similarly equipped “big brand” cars. Now, these arent things you will need often, but if for example, you skoda badge falls off, you can find spare skoda one without much hassle. Gamers understand the importance of a quality sound card. Most of us dont even think about buying a sound card, and instead justuse the inbuilt sound...

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The Cardigans are from Sweden!

After my latest swedish music post last night, on the radio this morning, I heard them talk about the Swedish band “the Cardigans”. Now that I certainly found hard to believe, but they are indeed from Jönköping. Their most recognisable tuneI think is Love...

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EPN mini-site launch – sida nio.

It won’t be long until I have published my entire library of mini-sites. The first one I mentioned was Aftershave, so its time to mention the ladies equivalent of aftershave which is of course perfume. If you don’t see anything you like there you could try parfymbutiken. People seem to change their phones more often than their underwear these daysthats why its sometimes good tohave a scout around at auction to see what bargains can be had.Usually there are new or nearly new phones at super low prices. but that just depends how many people are bidding. DIY is becoming more popular as people try to do more thinks for themselves in light of the credit crunch. A quick and simple upgrade for your PC if your have some RAM slots free. You can never have too much RAM! Widely regarded as the best luggage you can get. Samsonite has a strong brand name and a strong reputaion for solid, long lasting cases. This brings my Ebay Partner Network Mini-Site total to 46 so...

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More Music from Sweden

Following on my my previous swedish music post, I have found another couple of tunes which have come out from Sweden. The first one, I had absolutely no idea about, just though they werea random bunch of people and hadn’t really thought about where the band came from. Its Rednex (from Borlange) with Cotton Eye Joe, reaching number one in the UK charts in 1995! Onto something a bit more recent is a happy bouncy little tune. The give away of the origins of this tune is its name “Caramel Dansen” which is of course written in...

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