Month: August 2008

Branching out

Well I’ve taken a note of how Tyler Cruz goes about his sites. His blog especially. I have devised my own plan, covering a few new topics on the site which I find interesting, I hope at least some of you out there do too! I think picking the right topics is vital, because then its easier to convery interest and enthusiasm about them!! My goal is to go to flying school, which is a very very expensive goal. The only way i’ll ever be able to afford it is to trying something different to add extra income ontop of my regualr job. Hence why (and my other sites 😉 ) were born. You can expect more posts on the usual swimming, pilot training, computer bits and bobs and winter weather.  Ontop on this there are a few more categories which I will start filling up very soon which include Stormy Weather, General Knowledge, Space and the Universe,  money making and a to break up the serious stuff, we’ll have some fail pictures, which quite raley fail to not...

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Does Xpango really work?

My friend joined last summer, and told me to join too since you can get free things from gaming consoles to the latest mobile phones just by referring people. At the time it sounded too good to be true, but it wasnt costing anythign to find out if it was true or not. However, after a couple of weeks we forgot all about it! The site basically works like this, the more active users you mange to refer to the site, the more “credits” you get. When you sign up, you select an item, and when you have reached the required number of credits the item is posted out to you, then you can choose another! At the moment I have 2 credits towards a Sony Ericsson K850 for which you need 25 credits. So starting now, I’m going to try and get enoguh credits to get my phone, and I will report back as to whether Xpango really works or...

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